Black Pearl - New Brighton

Beaver & Cub Sections


Black Pearl Adventure Evening


Monday 1 July 2019


On the Beach, Magazine Promenade, New Brighton, CH45 1NX - 300m from Vale Park, towards New Brighton. 

Meeting place and time:

Meeting at the Black Pearl at 6:15 pm  

Collection place and time:

All children to be collected from the Black Pearl no later than 7:30 pm  


No cost

Transport details:

Young members will need to be transported by parents, or make arrangements with other parents attending.  If transport remains a problem, please contact your child's section leader.


Imagination activities, games and fun on the beach

Further details:

Suitable clothing should be worn appropriate for the beach, and weather.  

Organiser  contact details:

Pol Pickersgill - AKA Sunshine

Tel: 07913 230 030 - email: beavers@12thwallasey.org

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY Contact details during the event:

In the event of an emergency at home you must in the first instance contact:

BEAVERS - Pol Pickersgill - AKA Sunshine Mobile: 07913 230 3030

CUBS - Annette Winter - AKA Akela mobile: 07935 450 956

In the event of an emergency at the event you will be contacted by the above


12th Scout Group Permission Form - Black Pearl

Event: Black Pearl Adventures

I have noted the arrangements above and agree to the named young person taking part. I understand that the event leader reserves the right to send any participants home if deemed necessary.

Disclaimer: If it becomes necessary for the above named young person to receive medical treatment and I cannot be contacted to authorise this, I hereby give my general consent to any necessary medical treatment and authorise the Leader in Charge to sign any document required by the hospital authorities.

I have provided all of my child’s medical information and my child is fit to participate in the event. I understand I will need to nofify my child's section leader of any changes to contact details, or medical health information for my child.