Chamboree 2018

28 July ~ 4 August 2018

Dear Parents, Scouts and Wallasey Explorers

As you will be aware we need to have deposits paid to the Chamboree team before 5th January 2018, and to do this we need to enter all of our attendee details onto the Chamboree booking system, preferably before the end of December.

All attendees need the form below completed by their parents, otherwise they will not be able to attend.  Some Explorer Scouts may receive a clerical version of this form, which should be returned as soon as possible.  All others attending Chamboree, whether from 12th Wallasey Scout Group, or from the Wallasey Explorer Unit, should complete the form below.

Updates: information will continue to be issued to all participants and parents over the months ahead, with final details being issued closer to the event.

Any queries, please let us know.

Enquiries for 12th Wallasey to: hawkeye@12thwallasey.org  or scouts@12thwallasey.org  

Enquiries for Wallasey Explorers to: wallaseyexplorers@yahoo.co.uk 


Chamboree 2018 - Young Member Booking Information

Please indicate your child's section:


Permissions & Abilities

The young person named above can swim 50 metres and treat water?

The young person named above may take part in planned water activities under supervision:

The young person named above may take part in the planned shooting activities under supervision:

Health & Allergise Information

Please tick if the young person named above has any of the following health conditions:

If I have granted permission above, I declare that this young person is not subject to restriction by virtue of Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968 (which applies only to persons who have served a term of imprisonment or youth custody) and give permission for them to undertake Air Rifle Shooting and Laser Clay Shooting.

I understand that the Camp Leader or Deputy reserves the right to send any participants home if necessary.

If it becomes necessary for my child to receive emergency medical treatment and I cannot be contacted by telephone or any other means to authorise this, I hereby give my general consent to any necessary medical treatment and authorise the Scouter in charge to sign any documents required by the NHS.

During Chamboree 2018 there will be photographic and video recording of the event. Guidelines will be issued to those attending the camp about the appropriate use of cameras and recording equipment. Any inappropriate use will result in pictures/recordings being confiscated and those involved will be required to leave the site. However, attendance at Chamboree automatically grants permission for likenesses and voices to be included in pictures/recordings of the event.

Once you have submitted this form, it will be emailed to you for checking.