12th Wallasey Scout Group

GSL Feedback

Reviewing: Andrew Pickersgill

Role: Group Scout Leader 12th Wallasey Scout Group

Date: July 2016

Please see below a series of questions that sit with the role and description of duties for the Group Scout Leader.

You are asked to provide your OPEN and HONEST feedback about their performance to allow them to learn from your experiences regarding their Management of the Scout Group.

They have a duty to monitor and improve their performance, and your feedback will go a long way in helping their development in the role, and ultimately aid improving the Group.

Against the various competencies is a question and you are asked to provide a score against the performance of the person this form is appraising. Please indicate the score you think best fits with their performance.

1 = Highly Effective 2 = Effective 3 = Satisfactory 4 = Ineffective 5 = Highly Ineffective

Key Skill & Area of Capability: PROVIDING DIRECTION

Key Skill & Area of Capability: WORKING WITH PEOPLE

Key Skill & Area of Capability: ACHIEVING RESULTS

Key Skill & Area of Capability: ENABLING CHANGE

Key Skill & Area of Capability: RESCOURCE MANAGEMENT

Key Skill & Area of Capability: GENERAL

Thank you for your time and valued feedback!