A Million Hands ~ Relax Kids Wirral Workshop

Dear Parents, 

As detailed in the letter to you, this activity is part of our A Million Hands project for this year, and we hope all of our young members will enjoy learning more about their own Mental Wellbeing and Resilience during their 1 hour Relax Kids Workshop.

We are asking that all young members parents complete the form below to:

  • ensure we have permission for your child to take part in this activity
  • provide Leigh-Anne of Relax Kids Wirral with information she needs to tailor the workshops to our group
  • make sure your child gets the most out of this opportunity  

Thank you for your time, and If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Yours in Scouting


Group Scout Leaderhawkeye@12thwallasey.org


Relax Kids Wirral Workshop

Please tick which section your child is with:

Permission & Consent

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If you agree to your child taking part in this activity, please complete the rest of the form below, thank you.

Health Information

Does your child have any known emotional or behavioural problems?

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Activities Consent

Relax Kids classes include movement, stretches, visualisation and breathing exercises. Do you consent to your child being involved in these activities?

Relax Kids classes also include the option for children to engage in self or peer to peer massage (fully clothed). These are calming exercises used to promote positive touch and encourage respect, communication & empathy among peers. Children become aware of their own bodies and learn to respect others. Do you consent to your child being involved in these activities?

Additional Information

Please tick the following to indicate you have read, understand and agree with the statements made: