Welcome to the AGM section of the 12th website.  

We hope you enjoy watching the short video we put together celebrating our #scoutingforall activities and #everydayadventure we all enjoy throughout the years.  

You will see to the right our latest video, and below are previous celebration evening videos, as well as our Annual Reports, for the current and previous years.


AnnualReport-2017-FINAL.pdf AnnualReport-2017-FINAL.pdf
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Type : pdf
GroupAccounts-2016-17.pdf GroupAccounts-2016-17.pdf
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Type : pdf
GroupAccounts-2015-2016.pdf GroupAccounts-2015-2016.pdf
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Type : pdf
AnnualReport-2016.pdf AnnualReport-2016.pdf
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Annual Report - AGM 2014.pdf Annual Report - AGM 2014.pdf
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Annual Report - AGM 2013.pdf Annual Report - AGM 2013.pdf
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