Welcome to the AGM section of the 12th website.  

We hope you enjoy watching the short video we put together celebrating our #scoutingforall activities and #everydayadventure we all enjoy throughout the years providing #SkillsForLife!  

You will see to the right our latest video, and below are previous celebration evening videos, as well as our Annual Reports, for the current and previous years.


AnnualReport&Accounts-2017-18.pdf AnnualReport&Accounts-2017-18.pdf
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Type : pdf

Supporting Documents to the 2018 AGM

Minutes-AGM-2017.pdf Minutes-AGM-2017.pdf
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Type : pdf
GroupConstitution.v.Oct.2018.pdf GroupConstitution.v.Oct.2018.pdf
Size : 337.498 Kb
Type : pdf

Our 2018 Videos will be published after the AGM

2017 - AGM & Annual Celebration 

AnnualReport-2017-FINAL.pdf AnnualReport-2017-FINAL.pdf
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GroupAccounts-2016-17.pdf GroupAccounts-2016-17.pdf
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GroupAccounts-2015-2016.pdf GroupAccounts-2015-2016.pdf
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AnnualReport-2016.pdf AnnualReport-2016.pdf
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Annual Report - AGM 2014.pdf Annual Report - AGM 2014.pdf
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Annual Report - AGM 2013.pdf Annual Report - AGM 2013.pdf
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