Stamps on sale from 17th November 2018... Please see your child's section leader for stamps, or see where to buy and post

Further details about the Wirral Scout & Guide Christmas Post can be viewed by clicking on the image left.

Details about assisting with the post sort at District and Group HQ can be viewed below. Assistance is required with Post Sorting and Deliveries, which will take place over the weekends of 8th-9th December, and 15th-15th December. Rotas have been developed and we would ask that every member's parents put their name on the lists for sorting, and deliveries.

Details of the sort and delivery schedules can be seen below in the PDF documents. 

Thank you for your support and assistance with this vital fundraiser for the Group and local charities.  Please remember, Scout Post is a group membership requirement you signed up to when your child became a young member.

Any questions about the Group activities with the Christmas Post please contact Hawkeye or speak with your child's section leader.

ScoutPostRota-LastWeekend2018.pdf ScoutPostRota-LastWeekend2018.pdf
Size : 496.472 Kb
Type : pdf
ScoutPost-Rotas-Sorts-2018(2).pdf ScoutPost-Rotas-Sorts-2018(2).pdf
Size : 142.43 Kb
Type : pdf

 Post Sorting Evenings

Evening Sort is at Wallasey District HQ, Broadway Avenue, Wallasey (See Map)

Start time 6:30 pm

Finishing around 9:00pm

(sometimes finishing earlier depending on volume of post) 

 Additional Second Post Sorting

Second Sort is at Serpentine Road Family Church, in the Chapel Building First Floor Meeting Room

Start times 7:00pm

Finishing around 9pm (depending on day sort)

(may be shorter depending on day sort attendance & volumes)

ScoutPost-Rotas-Deliveries-2018.pdf ScoutPost-Rotas-Deliveries-2018.pdf
Size : 176.038 Kb
Type : pdf

Scout Post Group Delivery Area Maps

Depending on the post volumes, these rounds may be split and divided between parents! 

Area A.pdf Area A.pdf
Size : 321.302 Kb
Type : pdf
Area B.pdf Area B.pdf
Size : 206.413 Kb
Type : pdf
Area C.pdf Area C.pdf
Size : 188.593 Kb
Type : pdf
Area D.pdf Area D.pdf
Size : 197.721 Kb
Type : pdf
Area E.pdf Area E.pdf
Size : 178.325 Kb
Type : pdf
Area F.pdf Area F.pdf
Size : 190.418 Kb
Type : pdf
Area G.pdf Area G.pdf
Size : 178.617 Kb
Type : pdf
Area H.pdf Area H.pdf
Size : 185.406 Kb
Type : pdf
Area I.pdf Area I.pdf
Size : 379.545 Kb
Type : pdf
Area J.pdf Area J.pdf
Size : 283.504 Kb
Type : pdf
Area K.pdf Area K.pdf
Size : 202.298 Kb
Type : pdf
Area L.pdf Area L.pdf
Size : 187.576 Kb
Type : pdf
Area M.pdf Area M.pdf
Size : 189.531 Kb
Type : pdf
Area N.pdf Area N.pdf
Size : 314.746 Kb
Type : pdf
Area O.pdf Area O.pdf
Size : 305.657 Kb
Type : pdf
Area P.pdf Area P.pdf
Size : 276.496 Kb
Type : pdf
Area Q.pdf Area Q.pdf
Size : 285.323 Kb
Type : pdf
Area R.pdf Area R.pdf
Size : 269.159 Kb
Type : pdf
Area S.pdf Area S.pdf
Size : 280.912 Kb
Type : pdf
Area T.pdf Area T.pdf
Size : 292.072 Kb
Type : pdf
Area U.pdf Area U.pdf
Size : 273.381 Kb
Type : pdf
Area V.pdf Area V.pdf
Size : 478.337 Kb
Type : pdf
Area W.pdf Area W.pdf
Size : 465.621 Kb
Type : pdf
Area X.pdf Area X.pdf
Size : 457.778 Kb
Type : pdf
Area Y.pdf Area Y.pdf
Size : 448.244 Kb
Type : pdf
Area Z.pdf Area Z.pdf
Size : 440.989 Kb
Type : pdf
Area AA.pdf Area AA.pdf
Size : 429.394 Kb
Type : pdf
Area AB.pdf Area AB.pdf
Size : 440.403 Kb
Type : pdf
Area AC.pdf Area AC.pdf
Size : 490.536 Kb
Type : pdf